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Entre le secret et le danger

“Entre le Secret et le Danger” by Dominique Appia captivates the viewer with its surreal beauty, as it weaves a mysterious narrative that invites introspection and wonder.

His choice of colors could represent the duality of human nature or the contrast between reality and fantasy.

Appia’s art often featured architectural elements, such as staircases, doorways, and windows, which created a sense of depth and mystery.

dominique appia entre les trous de la memoire

“Entre les Trous de la Mémoire” (Between the Holes of Memory) is one of Dominique Appia’s most famous and captivating paintings. This piece exemplifies his signature surrealist style, blending the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Architectural elements

Staircases, doorways, and windows were recurring motifs in Appia’s work, representing the various paths and choices in life, as well as the potential for transformation and self-discovery.

The presence of human figures

The presence of human figures in Appia’s paintings provided a connection to the viewer, inviting them to explore and interpret the enigmatic scenes from their own perspectives.

Reflections and water

The presence of water and reflections in Appia’s paintings symbolized the fluidity of life and the ever-changing nature of reality.

dominique appia hotel print

Light and shadow

Appia masterfully played with light and shadow in his work, creating a sense of depth and dimension. This technique not only made his paintings visually stunning but also symbolized the contrasting aspects of human consciousness and the unknown.

The presence of Human figures adds a relatable element for the viewers, inviting them to immerse themselves in the artwork and interpret the surreal world from their own perspectives.

Dream quality

The painting‘s dreamlike quality encourages viewers to explore their own subconscious and interpret the scene through their unique perspectives.

The architectural elements in Dominique Appia’s art serve as a visual metaphor for the complexities of human emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

Mer Intérieure” is a captivating surrealist painting by Dominique Appia. In this artwork, the He combines the elements of water and architectural structures to create a dreamlike landscape that conveys a sense of introspection and self-discovery.

Le cabinet d’un amateur d’art

Appia delves into the world of art appreciation, creating a captivating scene that invites viewers to explore the intimate relationship between an art collector and their cherished collection.

The combination of Surrealism and architecture creates a captivating visual language that invites viewers to explore the boundaries between reality and fantasy

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